Yakima Skybox Carbonite BL3 Cargo Box


Every time you travel you think about how to minimize the space in your car. Having a family in your car as you travel can sometimes be very tiresome since you are unable to buy something good you came across on the way simply because you will not get a space to place it on your car. Do not be worried because there are several types of cargo boxes that can help you move easily with your family as well as the cargo boxes. But before you can think of which type to buy, then you can conceder reading this article which will highlight on the guidelines of buying the best cargo boxes and a review of  Yakima SkyBox Carbonite which is a highly rated cargo box in the market.

Buying guideline

Size: Before purchasing any cargo box, you need to know the size that will best meet your needs. You may buy a cargo box that cannot feet your luggage or is too big enough to be mounted on the rooftop of your car. There are cargo boxes out that come in varying sizes to fit in any model of the most cars we have ever seen.

Security: Security of your property comes first. I try to imagine a scenario where you are transporting a highly delicate item in your car. It’s obvious that you will do your best to ensure you reach your destination safely. This is why you must choose an ideal cargo box that can help you enhance the security of your belongings.

Accessibility: A rooftop cargo box should be one that is designed with the ability to help easily access the content of your box easily. There are cargo boxes that can be opened from either side of the car while others can only open from one side. The best type of a cargo box is one which can be opened from both ends because it saves on time.

Durability: Every product is made for a purpose and this is why before you go to the market to buy your cargo carrier, you should ensure it has the best qualities that will enable it to last long.
Shape: You need to buy a cargo box that will nicely fit on your car and be able to reduce drugging. Aerodynamic shape reduces air drag and minimizes the amount of fuel consumed.

Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box

This is among the top rooftop cargo box which comes with the best-advanced features that every car owner may wish to have It’s very applicable when it comes to camping or traveling with your luggage. You may have scene lot of people on the road with this box mounted on their car roof top. It is made with an advanced technology which makes it be the best when it comes to security, size, and durability of your cargo box.


1. Super advanced security

It is always very important to check on your safety as you travel. This includes the safety of your property and everyone else in your car. For the security of your belongings, then this box provides an advanced security lock (SKS Locking System) to keep you free from worries of your goods being stolen.

2. Dual-sided opening

Yakima SkyBox Carbonite cargo box is made in such a way that you can easily be able to open or close it from either side of the car. This will help you minimize on time spent traveling around the car to reach the point where you can open your cargo.

3.Carbonite Construction

This material helps the box to be durable enough as it is able to be used under various weather conditions. The shell helps it withstand any impact that can be caused by head-on coalition or hitting a block.

4. Sleek aerodynamic shape

I’m sore you will not wish to buy a rooftop cargo box that makes a lot of noise for you or drag your car behind. This shape of this cargo box is designed in such a way that it can help you reduces the air resistance-hence reduces air drag and noise.

5. Internal lid stiffeners

This helps you to easily open and close your box every time you want to pick an item from your box hence making it last longer because you will not be interfering with the whole box every time


It is spacious enough to accommodate your luggage The box is made using an advanced technology The shape of this box in aerodynamic which minimizes drag hence reduce fuel consumption. It can be opened from both sides It reduces the noise on your car while traveling. This box has a more advanced lock that improves the security of your  rooftop cargo box. Its component material makes it more durable.

Customer reviews

This product has been reviewed by 362 customers on Amazon giving it a rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars. With 79% total number of customers who reviewed it giving a rating of 5 stars.


  •  It has a weight of about 50 lbs making it slightly heavy to mount on one stand
  • It has a small opening
  • This rooftop cargo box is expensive to buy


With these guidelines on getting the best rooftop cargo box for SUV – your car, you can make an effort of buying this product because it will help you travel safely with your cargo. You can purchase Yakima Skybox Carbonite Cargo Box on Amazon through this link https//wwwamazon.com/Yakima-Skybox-Carbonite-Cargo-Boxidp/BOOJCIWHZLO which also has several cargo box for sale.

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