Thule Motion XT BL4 Rooftop Cargo Carrier

The Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Carrier by Thule is the ultimate solution to put an end to your car space worries forever. We’re not saying that it was designed by Elon Musk but, this rooftop cargo has been engineered with cutting-edge technology, making it tremendously ergonomic, stylish, spacious and equally durable. There are a bunch of rooftop cargos available in the market, but this rooftop cargo carrier is the one of its kind because no other cargo carrier has as good usability score like this one We can say that this Cargo Carrier is the Cristiano Ronaldo of rooftop cargo carriers because it is worth every penny. If you are looking for an all-weather rooftop cargo carrier, you should purchase it right away while the stock lasts.

What makes Thule’s Rooftop cargo carrier better than the competition?

Thule’s Motion XT Rooftop Cargo box offers the best in class space efficiency, car-friendly aerodynamics, and doesn’t even cause a smudge on your rooftop. This rooftop cargo carrier has attracted a huge demand of customers on Amazon and they are extremely satisfied with this product. It has received some serious praises from the users and the best thing about this product as per users is the fiberglass material which is durable, doesn’t make any noise while driving and makes even the ugliest looking car look good. The 4 5-star rating out of 5 stars on Amazon says it all. It is about to go out of stock, so hop on to Amazon as fast as you can and make the deal.

Three key reasons to purchase this rooftop cargo box by Thule:

 Excellent build quality and designed with perfection:

 The fiberglass material is well known for its durability, all-weather usability and these are the qualities that Thule has to offer you. It is designed with such perfection that once you’ll mount it on your rooftop, you won’t even realize that you have a fully loaded rooftop cargo carrier on top of your car. The ergonomic design of this cargo carrier makes it look stylish and keeps your car safe from dents. This aerodynamically designed cargo carrier makes your ride smoother.

Intelligent locking and mounting system:

 Its Slide lock system and the awesome power click quick-mount system are the features that make this product, the best in class. The slide lock system makes sure that you open and close the carrier securely. Most of the rooftop cargo carriers fail to deliver such security and often eject the top lid due to unsecured systems, while a driver is driving the car making it an awfully unpleasant experience for a traveler. Likewise, power clicks quick mount system is another such revolutionary feature which lets you firmly fix this rooftop cargo carrier on top of your car in a very user-friendly manner.

 It is a bang for the buck:

It provides you with unparalleled ease of use, tremendous durability, besides, it is the most secure cargo carrier that has ever been designed. We can say that Thule is one step ahead of its competition in terms of locking mechanisms. The torque and slide lock indicators are excellent additions in making the rooftop cargo carrier more secure.

The 4.5 out of 5.0 stars rating on Amazon tells you the complete story about this product. It has been reviewed by 82 buyers on Amazon and most of the reviews are positive ensuring customer satisfaction with this product. The excellent usability and security of this cargo box for sale have made it, the user’s first choice.

Pros of this product:

  • It is engineered with modern technology giving it a trendy look and at the same time makes it more durable and ergonomic.
  • The fiberglass material keeps this cargo box carrier lightweight and makes it aerodynamic as well.
  • The locking and opening systems are very sophisticated yet easy to use making this cargo box carrier more secure but without making it hard to open and close.
  • The indicator systems which indicate whether the box is properly locked or not are also very useful.
  • Don’t let the looks deceive you, this best roof cargo box for sale can carry a lot of load and a variety of items.
  • It fits on top of your vehicle perfectly due to its well thought out design, keeping your car safe from accidental damages.


 There are only two things about this rooftop cargo carrier that people doesn’t seem to like, but shouldn’t practically make any big difference. The first thing is the pricing of this rooftop cargo box which seems a bit extra at first, but as we’ve said before, it is worth every penny. Another thing is the plastic access buttons which people think should’ve been built from any other material.

 Our concluding statement is, ‘’Just buy it already’’!

Now we don’t see any reason stopping you from buying this Motion XT Rooftop Cargo box by Thule right away. This rooftop cargo carrier has scored better than any other products in its range in terms of all the features, whether it is about security, design, build quality or its user-friendly nature. If you’ve fixed a good budget to buy a rooftop cargo carrier, this is the best choice.


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