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JEGS Performance Products 90098


 JEGS Performance products 90098 is a box that gives you an additional storage space while traveling. It is normally placed on the roof of a car hence it is designed in such a way that reduces air resistance and reduces wastage of fuel. It is also made using durable materials that makes it last for a long time. This box has to be mounted on the roof hence you have to adjust the cross rails to make sure that they are 22″ apart to allow for installation of its mounting brackets. It has a rating of 4.4.


Its weight and size JEGS Performance products 90098 is not only compact but also easy to install. This is because it measures 57 by 39 by 19 inches and weighs 28 lbs.The fact that it is small in size ensures that it does not occupy too much space while its compact design enables you to easily mount and unmount it Durability.

This rooftop cargo box can last for a very long time. This is because it is made of materials that can withstand harsh weather conditions. For instance it is made of UV resistant materials that are also resistant to rain.


This cargo box for sale provides you with additional storage capacity that helps reduce congestion inside your car It can carry more cargo that weighs close to 110 lbs. This best cargo box also has a capacity of 18 cubic fit that enables each and every passenger in your car to store their cargo.


Every part of this best seller cargo box has already been installed hence the only installation you require is that of mounting into the car. The hinges and latches for instance are already installed into this cargo box.


This best seller cargo box is black in color and also has JEGS logo. This makes it beautiful hence giving your car a wonderful view.

Its pros

  • It is durable hence cost-efficient.
  • It conserve the space in your cars roof.
  • It is easy to mount and unmount it since it has only 4 locks on its cross bars.
  • It has great aerodynamic potential hence it conserve your car’s fuel as well as reduce air resistance while traveling.
  • It is light in weight hence it does not exert too much pressure on the roof of your car.
  • You don’t have to assemble its tools since they are already installed into it and this saves you time.

Customer reviews and scores

This rooftop cargo box has attracted 8 customer reviews at Amazon. Most of the customers have rated it 5 stars. So far it has an average ratings of 4.75.

Its cons

Most customers who have reviewed this cargo rooftop for sale have complained about its difficult installation process but once done you don’t have to worry anymore but the safety of your items. Also, some customers complained about its locks and latches. They said that the latches are thin and also the locks are not very secured hence do not last for a long time. However, they said that fitting this latches is quite easy and don’t separate after.


As you have seen, this is the best cargo box in the market. This is because JEGS Performance products 90098 is small in size, light in weight, durable and can carry a large capacity of items. This features will ensure that your journey is smooth and safe. This best rooftop cargo box also grants you additional space that helps reduce congestion in your car Its aerodynamic feature also helps improve the speed of your car by reducing air resistance. This best seller car box rooftop also comes with warranty support.